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For nearly 50 years, Able Irrigation has been looking after residential and commercial sprinkler systems in White Rock, BC. With our long history in the irrigation industry, we have learned that providing high level customer service and using quality products is what has kept us around. We are constantly fine tuning how we do things. From using the latest in water saving technology, to finding ways to serve our clients better, we understand that adapting to the times along with taking care of our clients’ needs will directly impact our success. We also look after our team by providing training and recertification’s for all necessary tickets through the IIABC and BCWWA. As a fully licensed sprinkler company in White Rock with a long list of credentials, you can trust Able Irrigation to look after your irrigation system.

Able Irrigation provides the following irrigation services:


Smart Irrigation Solutions to Save Water

For the better part of the last decade Able Irrigation has been looking for ways to reduce over watering. We have done so by not only our knowledge of specific turf and plant water needs, but also by utilizing new technologies that dramatically reduce wasted water. A couple things to combat overwatering include a rain sensor and pressure reducer valve.

Rain Sensor:

There’s nothing more embarrassing, wasteful or costly than an irrigation system that runs when it doesn’t have to…in the rain. A rain sensor shuts sprinklers off during a rain fall. No more wasted water, savings on your water bill, and no worries when you’re away!

Pressure Reducer Valve:

Water pressure varies from city to city, and in some cities like White Rock, pressures can get dangerously high. High pressure can rupture pipes and or damage valves and sprinkler heads. By adding a pressure reducer valve to your lawn sprinkler system, your system’s water pressure will be reduced. The P.R.V. is adjusted to the operating pressure the sprinkler heads and valves were designed for. This adjusted pressure will ultimately reduce misting water into the atmosphere.

We Keep Your Water Safe

As required by the City of White Rock, cross connection control and backflow prevention is required for lawn irrigation systems. Able Irrigation has certified backflow testers that are qualified to test, repair, and replace backflow preventers for residential and commercial applications.

White Rock Backflow Testing Requirements:

  • Upon installation
  • Annually
  • When cleaned, repaired or overhauled
  • When relocated
  • As required by the regulatory authority

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You can trust Able Irrigation to look after your irrigation system all year round. Whether you are looking for seasonal service, want to install a new irrigation system, backflow testing, or landscape lighting, Able has you covered. Contact our team by calling 604-584-7676 or email us for your free consultation.

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