Sprinkler Maintenance, Upgrades & Repairs


Irrigation System Maintenance and Repairs

Able Irrigation has mobile maintenance technicians available in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Deep Cove and anywhere else in the Lower Mainland. We also offer 24-7 onsite service for emergency irrigation repairs. Our technicians are IIABC certified and we can do emergency repairs on site, as well as regular irrigation system maintenance.

The best way to avoid emergency situations with a sprinkler and garden irrigation system is with regular scheduled maintenance. Able Irrigation offers maintenance options such as spring startup services, mid-season checkups and winter shut down services.  For larger and more complex irrigation systems we also offer monthly maintenance.

Able Irrigation Scheduled Maintenance

There are many advantages when Able Irrigation is taking care of your irrigation system maintenance. While doing regular maintenance checks our certified technicians can spot and repair minor problems immediately so they don’t become expensive repairs in the future.  Maintaining an irrigation system is like taking care of a car. A properly tuned sprinkler or irrigation system conserves water and ensures peak performance with regular scheduled maintenance.

Our irrigation technicians can also spot ways you can cut the long term cost of repairs and maintaining your irrigation. In many cases a few minor upgrades can seriously cut down water usage, increase performance and extend the life of your irrigation system. Attention to details and exceptional service is why so many customers rely on Able Irrigation.

The easiest way to set up scheduled preventative maintenance for your irrigation system is with our Standing Service Order for Maintenance.

You can also schedule the annual backflow assembly testing, which is required by municipal laws. Taking care of permits (if required) and test report paperwork is included with our backflow testing maintenance.

Protect Your Investment with Able Irrigation

Irrigation systems are a major investment. Regular maintenance extends the life span of your irrigation system. There are many ways to reduce the operating costs of your irrigation system such as high efficiency lawn sprinklers, smart irrigation controllers, and rain and soil moisture sensors.  Our certified irrigation technicians are always looking for ways to save water while improving the efficiency of irrigation.

Give us a call and one of our irrigation experts can answer any questions you may have about maintaining your irrigation system.  You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation on irrigation system maintenance.

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