Able Irrigation and Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Our company has been servicing irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems in the Fraser Valley and Surrey for over 40 years. Able Irrigation services include irrigation and lawn sprinkler installations, spring start up, winterization, maintenance, repairs, retrofits, sprinkler system redesigns, upgrades and solutions for saving water. There are many reasons why so many homeowners in Surrey rely on Able Irrigation to take care of their lawn sprinkler.

You can count on Able Irrigation to get the best out of your lawn sprinkler system. Our extensive lawn and irrigation services are performed by our company technicians certified in lawn sprinklers.

Lawn Sprinkler Services

Irrigation expertise is one of our biggest advantages when you need a quote on services for your lawn sprinkler.Here is a sampling of the services our experienced irrigation experts can quote on to get maximum performance from your lawn sprinklers:

Spring Start Up:Our spring start up service activates your irrigation, or sprinkler, system from the isolation valve, adjusts the sprinkler heads, nozzles and valves. We also inspect your system and repair any obvious minor deficiencies.Able Irrigation includes a free assessment with our start up service in the Fraser Valley and Surrey.

Scheduled Sprinkler Maintenance:You can be assured that your irrigation sprinkler system will be looked after for spring and winter service every year. You can also sign up for yearly Backflow Testing and Mid-Season or Monthly Checkups. Regular scheduled maintenance saves a lot of money and grief in the long term.

Lawn Sprinkler Water Conservation: Able Irrigation offers numerous options to increase the efficiency of your lawn sprinkler system. High efficiency lawn sprinklers, rain sensors and soil moisture sensors are just some of the methods to reduce water consumption, while getting more eye appeal from your lawn. We also offer smart technology solutions, where internet-based weather information is used to make daily adjustments to the irrigating schedule, saving you up to 30% in water.

The lawn irrigation services listed above barely scratch the surface when it comes to lawn sprinklers. There is a steady stream of new, creative,cost saving features and equipment in the lawn and irrigation industry. You can count on Able irrigation to come up with cost effective solutions for lawn irrigation systems.

Need help with your lawn sprinkler system?

Instead of guessing about your lawn sprinkler system, give us a call. An Able Irrigation expert would be pleased to provide you with options and cost estimates. We can answer any questions you may have about irrigation and sprinkler systems.You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation on servicing your lawn sprinkler.

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