Professional Irrigation Services in Coquitlam 


Established in 1974, Able Irrigation is rooted in BC’s irrigation industry history serving Coquitlam and the Tri Cities area. Our prompt and professional service throughout the years have allowed us to thrive and continue to grow. Our main focus is on residential and commercial properties. However, if you are looking for a new installation we can still help you, with an expert design (fees may apply), consultation, and an installation.

We provide our staff with training through the IIABC as well as certified backflow testing through the BCWWA. Able is licensed to provide irrigation services in Coquitlam, BC, and with several credentials you can count on Able to look after your lawn sprinkler system.


Safe and Efficient Watering

Able Irrigation has always provided expert advice on ways our clients can save water. Increased global awareness and measures taken by local authorities have contributed to the increase in more efficient lawn sprinkler equipment and technology. Preventing contamination with backflow testing and reducing how much water we use to irrigate our landscape both go a long way when it comes to sustainability.

Backflow Testing

Your backflow assembly protects your potable water and the city’s potable water supply from contamination in a negative pressure situation. Lawn sprinkler systems run the risk of back-siphoning contaminants from your lawn including animal feces, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or anything near a sprinkler head or broken pipe. As required by the city, your back flow assembly must be tested yearly by a certified technician. Able Irrigation employs BCWWA-certified technicians.

Water Conservation

The following are highly recommended to minimize your water usage:

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Able Irrigation also installs, repairs, and services outdoor landscape lighting systems in Coquitlam. Accent your home, your garden and enhance your home security with landscape lighting. Partnered with leading brands, we can provide the highest in quality lighting systems, along with the great warranties. Have Able bring light to your landscape!

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Able has been serving customer in Coquitlam and the surrounding Tri City area since 1974. If you are looking for irrigation services, a new installation, or landscape lighting we can help. Contact our team by calling 604-584-7676 or email us for your free consultation.

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