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Upgrades and Repairs

  • Do you have a residential or commercial irrigation system that just isn’t delivering water where water should be?
  • Has your landscape changed from the original sprinkler design?
  • Are your sprinkler heads from the early days, inefficient, and a cause of water loss?
  • Is your system running at too high a pressure? Do your sprinklers look like they are pressure washing your yard and the atmosphere?
  • Does your system run when it’s raining?

If you’ve made changes to your landscape, it’s a good idea to have us review the design of your current irrigation system. We can recommend enhancements that will meet the needs of all of your plants and trees in the most efficient manner. Able Irrigation repairs all types of underground irrigation systems. We keep detailed records that ensure the proper parts are on hand when our team arrives, saving time and avoiding additional expense to you. Our certified team can look after all these issues. Call or email us to quote the changes and upgrades you need most.

High Water Loss or Leaks

Are you experiencing water where water shouldn’t be? Call us. Perhaps you have a malfunctioning electric (solenoid) valve. This can cause water loss and pooling around the pop-up sprinklers. Maybe you have an area of the yard that is really wet or swampy. This could be caused by a break or a crack in a pipe or fitting, or low head drainage.

Are you hearing thumping, sometimes referred to as water hammer? We will determine the cause and deal with the water capacity and flow.

We also look after residential and commercial major repairs, like main connections. Has your system really aged? Are the components in your main connection rusting out and leaking? Is water running down the road? We’ll show you where your water losses are and quote repairs that are to city code. We’ll obtain the necessary permit, perform the repairs, and call in the inspectors. You’ll have a quality main connection rebuilt to code, with a final inspection report, before we give you an invoice.

Wire Repairs

It’s never advisable to bury a valve box. The good reason being, if the valve or valves in that box ever need servicing, the service technician will need access to the box.  Sometimes valve boxes become lost from years of top dressing and landscape redesign. When a valve decides to malfunction and its location is undetermined, we can help.  We’ll bring in the equipment and talent necessary to resolve any residential or commercial problem.

On the rare occasion that the valve and wiring is just too deep for our technology to find it, we will recommend and quote a new “run” or installation of wire and a new valve. Able Irrigation always has a solution.


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