Able Lawn Sprinkler Sales and Services

For over 30 years, Able Irrigation has been a preferred sprinkler company that sells and services commercial and residential irrigation lawn sprinkler systems in Richmond, BC. Our services include drip irrigation and lawn sprinkler sales, sprinkler system startups, system winterization, installations, maintenance, 24/7 emergency repairs, upgrades, redesigns, retrofits and other related services for trouble free lawn irrigation. Able certified irrigation technicians have the expertise, experience and knowledge to service and maintain your entire system, or simply replace a defective lawn sprinkler.

Whether you are looking at a new sprinkler system, upgrading and-or repairs, you should consider Able Irrigation. We carry a full line of reputable lawn sprinkler systems. Odds are we have the right sprinkler system to fit your needs and budget. We sell and install small residential system,to large commercial lawn sprinkler systems that are fully automated to conserve water with timers combined with a high efficiency lawn sprinkler.

Our certified lawn sprinkler designers can also design, build and install a custom system to perfectly fit your property and needs. We even have Wi-Fi sprinkler systems you can manage from your smart phone to take full advantage of city watering restrictions for lawns. One of the biggest advantages in dealing with a local company is that we know the local weather conditions and terrain in Richmond.

Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance and Repairs

Able Irrigation offers 24/7 emergency service. Here are just some of the maintenance and repair services we offer for lawn sprinkler systems:

Lawn Sprinkler Start Up services. Our spring start up service activates your irrigation, or sprinkler system, from the isolation valve, adjusts the sprinkler heads, nozzles and valves. We also inspect your system and repair any obvious minor deficiencies. As a rule, a severe cold snap in the winter can cause a lot of damage to a sprinkler system, especially if the system was not shut down properly in the fall, or winterized.

Winterization. Our lawn sprinkler winterization service reduces the risk of expensive freeze damage to your sprinkler system. Our technicians winterize your sprinkler system by turning off the isolation valve at the main connection. The technician then uses compressed air to blow out any water left. Lawn sprinkler winterization drains water from your system so water cannot expand during cold snaps and damage your lawn sprinkler system.

Backflow Assembly Testing is not only important, but required by law in many municipalities in the Vancouver Lower Mainland and Richmond. A defective backflow assembly can turn deadly when back-siphoning contaminants enter the water system you drink from. Lawn and irrigation contaminants can include animal feces, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other contaminants sucked in near a broken pipe or lawn sprinkler. Able Irrigation technicians are fully certified for backflow testing.

With Able Irrigation you can schedule regular maintenance services for your lawn sprinkler.

Discover the Able Advantage

If you are looking to buy, maintain, or repair your lawn sprinkler system, give us a call. An Able Irrigation expert can answer any questions about sprinkler systems and show you the options. Able Irrigation also offers a free, no obligation consultation on your lawn sprinkler system.

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