Lawn Sprinkler Services

For over four decades, Able Irrigation has been providing startup services for lawn sprinkler systems in Vancouver, including Kitsilano, Dunbar, UBC, Kerrisdale and other areas. We provide spring startups, maintenance, installations, repairs, sales, winterization and other services for residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems. Able Irrigation technicians are fully certified to service lawn sprinkler systems.

A lawn sprinkler spring startup is one of the best decisions you will make when it comes to irrigating your lawn. Our startup service helps ensure you get the best results possible for spring, summer and fall. With lawn sprinkler systems, minor and major problems are usually evident in the spring.

Lawn Sprinkler Spring Startup

Our spring start up service activates your irrigation, or lawn sprinkler system from the isolation valve. Our certified technicians inspect and adjust the sprinkler heads, nozzles and valves. They inspect your system and repair any obvious minor deficiencies. Our technicians can also provide recommendations to improve performance and conserve water, such as a high efficiency lawn sprinkler.

In the case of major repairs, we will provide a quote for your approval, on the options and costs of repairing your lawn sprinkler system. Startup repairs are billed as extras, at our low flat rate prices. Any irrigation system that is leaking badly from the main connection, main line, or valve manifold cannot be left activated. Should this occur, we will quote you on any needed repairs to complete your startup.

One important startup option that should be considered is annual backflow assembly testing. Backflow valves prevent contaminants from entering our potable water supply, which is why most Lower Mainland municipalities require annual testing. Our certified backflow testers take care of the permits and inspection paperwork. A defective backflow assembly valve can cause massive cleanup costs when spread throughout an entire lawn sprinkler system.

Able Irrigation provides the maintenance services above and many others. Lawn sprinkler sales and service is what we do. We also offer maintenance scheduling, where we take care of the details, while you enjoy the results. Check out our scheduled maintenance for lawn sprinkler systems .

Ready to Start Your Lawn Sprinklers?

Give us a call and an Able Irrigation expert can answer any questions and schedule your spring startup. You can also schedule a free, no obligation consultation on starting your lawn sprinkler system.

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