Burnaby Irrigation Service Specialists


After almost 5 decades, Able Irrigation has been installing and servicing irrigation systems in Burnaby, BC. Our high level of customer service, employing a well trained team, and using only the best in irrigation products have attributed to our success over the years. With a focus on constantly improving customer care, and working with the latest in irrigation product technology, we anticipate more successful years to come. Success is also a result of looking after our own. We provide certificate training to our technicians for all the related tickets through the IIABC and BCWWA. Able is a licensed sprinkler company in Burnaby, and with a long list of credentials you can trust us to look after your irrigation system.


Irrigation System Upgrades and Repairs

If you’ve made changes to your landscape, it’s a good idea to have us review the design of your current irrigation system. We can recommend enhancements that will meet the needs of all of your plants and trees in the most efficient manner. Able Irrigation repairs all types of underground irrigation systems. We keep detailed records that ensure the proper parts are on hand when our team arrives, saving time and avoiding additional expense to you. Our certified team can look after all these issues.

We’ve Got You Covered

Able Irrigation provides a list of services to assist with ensuring your irrigation system is functioning properly each season. With four distinct seasons year after year, your lawn sprinkler system is in constant need of attention. For this reason, Able offers standing order services for our residential and commercial clients.

Spring Start-Up Service
We re-activate your system from the isolation valve and adjust the sprinkler heads, nozzles, and valves, checking for and repairing any obvious minor deficiencies. A quotation or a further site visit will be advised or scheduled.

Mid-Season Check Up
We offer residential and commercial Mid-Season Checkups. Perhaps you are an absentee owner, have a larger residential system or a commercial property. We can provide a monthly or mid-season visit for system monitoring. We will ensure your irrigation system is well-maintained and operating efficiently. A mid-season or monthly visit will alleviate call-out fees for repairs or adjustments that go unnoticed.

Winter Shut-Down Service
We winterize your sprinkler system by turning off the isolation valve at the main connection. The technician then blows out the water through all the piping, valves, and heads with a suitably sized air compressor (185 CFM). If we miss seeing you and have no access to your panel, we“bled”the solenoid valves from outside. In this case, please ensure that you put your controller in the OFF position or RAIN position for the winter. It is advisable to install a surge protector. This will protect the unit from surges and power outages. If your surge protector is blinking, it has been “hit” and needs replacing.

Note: Custom service plans are available for clients who’s landscape require more care and attention.

Get a Free Lawn Sprinkler Consultation

After nearly five decades of installations and service in the Metro Vancouver’s Burnaby area, we’re focusing our talents on service for residential and commercial properties. However, if you are looking for a new installation we can still help you, with an expert design (fees may apply), consultation, and an installation. Contact our team by calling 604-584-7676 or email us for for your free consultation.

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