Able Lawn Sprinkler Systems and Services

The Able Irrigation company has serviced residential and commercial lawn sprinkler systems for over 40 years in Maple Ridge. Lawn sprinkler startups, in ground high efficiency sprinklers, installations, maintenance, 24/7 emergency repairs, sprinkler winterization, redesigns, new system designs, retrofits, upgrades, sales and back flow testing are just some of the services we offer for lawn sprinklers. Able Irrigation technicians are fully certified for lawn sprinkler systems.

If you are looking for a new lawn sprinkler system, upgrading your existing system, or a complete retrofit, one of our certified designers can walk you through the options. We sell standard and high tech solutions, including high efficiency lawn sprinklers. Able Irrigation even has WiFi options where you can control your watering schedule from your smart phone. There are also numerous new sprinkler products hitting the market on a constant basis. There is a lot more to lawn irrigation systems than just the type of lawn sprinkler.

Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance Services

Lawn sprinkler maintenance is the key to getting the maximum life span from your system, while lowering the long-term costs of ownership. For the services below you can schedule regular lawn sprinkler maintenance.

Here are some of the lawn sprinkler services we offer:

Lawn Sprinkler Spring Start Up: Our spring start up service activates your sprinkler system from the isolation valve, adjusts the sprinkler heads, nozzles and valves. We also inspect your system and repair any obvious minor deficiencies.

Lawn Sprinkler Winterization: Winterization minimizes the risk of freeze damage to your sprinkler system. In Maple Ridge, our service technicians begin winterization during the last week of September through to the first week of November. We winterize your lawn sprinkler system by turning off the isolation valve at the main connection and then blowing out the water through all the piping, valves, and heads with a suitably sized air compressor.

Lawn Sprinkler Mid-Season or Monthly Check Up: Our mid-season and-or monthly check up services are perfect for absentee owners and commercial properties. We can provide a monthly or mid-season visit for system monitoring and inspection of every lawn sprinkler. We will ensure your lawn irrigation system is well-maintained and operating efficiently. As well, changes can be made to your watering schedule based on seasonal weather changes.

Able Irrigation also offers other lawn sprinkler services. We can set up custom maintenance schedules to ensure you get the best economic and performance out of your lawn sprinklers.

Professional Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance

The easiest way to start a professional lawn sprinkler maintenance schedule is to simply give us a call. An Able Irrigation expert can answer any question you may have and provide you with options. You can also schedule a free consultation on your lawn sprinkler system.

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