Commercial Irrigation System Services


Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Able Irrigation sells, maintains, redesigns, retrofits, installs and repairs commercial lawn irrigation, or sprinkler systems. We sell and service commercial lawn irrigation systems for: builders, developers, property managers, strata councils, building owners and other lawn sprinkler applications. Able Irrigation has been serving Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley for over 40 years. We are certified experts in all facets of commercial lawn irrigation systems, from design and installation to the latest high efficiency lawn sprinkler.

Lawn sprinkler irrigation systems come with a lot of options. If you are looking for a new commercial irrigation system we can help during the planning and estimation phase to ensure you get the best possible system that fits within your budget. If replacing an existing system, our certified lawn irrigation designer can assist in a redesign, and-or retrofit your present sprinkler system.

Able Irrigation sells, designs and installs landscape lighting in addition to sprinkler systems. We are a licensed and bonded, low voltage contractor and authorized distributor for commercial and residential lighting systems that provide beautiful, long-lasting results. Lifetime warranties are available on all transformers and select lighting.

Lawn Irrigation Systems Maintenance and Repairs

We have a cornucopia of maintenance options for commercial lawn irrigation systems. We offer scheduled maintenance plans for our yearly lawn sprinkler start up and winterization services. Able Irrigation also offers yearly backflow testing, mid-season and-or monthly check ups. Consistent, regular maintenance reduces your long-term costs and extends the life span of your commercial lawn sprinkler irrigation system.

Able Irrigation offers a 24/7 emergency lawn irrigation repair service for worst case scenarios. Whatever situation you may encounter, we have certified lawn sprinkler technicians on call to get your immediate emergency under control.

Strata Council Lawn Irrigation Systems

If your strata council is considering a new sprinkler system, one of our certified irrigation experts is available to attend a council meeting. We can show you the options and costs, as well as answer any questions you may have. Able Irrigation has over 40 years of experience in property management and strata council lawn sprinkler irrigation systems.

Commercial Systems

Give us a call and an Able lawn sprinkler expert can assist you in finding the most cost effective solution. You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation on lawn sprinkler irrigation systems.

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