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Testing Backflow Assemblies

Testing backflow assemblies with Able Irrigation is reliable and our certified backflow testers take care of the permits and inspection paperwork. We are fully certified for backflow assembly installations, inspections, repairs and annual sprinkler irrigation backflow preventer assembly testing.

double-check-valve-assemblyTesting sprinkler and irrigation backflow assemblies should only be performed by certified technicians. Able Irrigation technicians are BCWWA certified with the BC Water & Waste Association. Our technicians are professional sprinkler and irrigation experts who know all aspects of backflow assembly testing.

Backflow Prevention Testing is a Health Issue

Testing for backflow prevention annually is important to protect the personal health of your family and community. A defective backflow assembly can turn deadly when back-siphoning contaminants enter the water system you drink from. Lawn and irrigation contaminants can include animal feces, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or any contaminants sucked in near a sprinkler head or broken pipe. Preventing contaminants from entering our potable water supply is why municipalities require annual testing.

backflow-test-kitAble irrigation technicians ensure your sprinkler irrigation system backflow inspections are properly filed according to the regulations of your local municipality. Able Irrigation offers regular lawn sprinkler and irrigation maintenance services including backflow prevention annual testing.

Municipal Backflow Test Reports

Regulation paperwork can vary slightly with different municipalities throughout the lower mainland. Able Irrigation handles the municipal paperwork and test reporting procedures for installations, repairs, inspections and testing.

Some Lower Mainland cites have extra charges and different test reporting procedures for backflow prevention testing. Here are the cities that do and do not have extra charges for annual backflow prevention testing:

Additional Charge

  • Delta – New Westminster – Port Coquitlam – Port Moody – Richmond – Surrey – White Rock

No Charge

  • Abbotsford – Burnaby – Coquitlam – Langley – Maple Ridge – North Vancouver – West Vancouver

Annual Backflow Prevention Testing Overdue?

Then you should be giving Able Irrigation a call. Our sprinkler and irrigation system experts are certified for installations, inspections, on site repairs and testing. You can also request an Able sprinkler and irrigation professional to contact with our fast contact form for backflow prevention testing.

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