A backflow assembly is an important part of your irrigation system which is made up of a mechanical system of springs and check valves that prevent potentially polluted irrigation water from contaminating your domestic drinking water supply. Backpressure and backsiphonage conditions are what can make the risk of a backflow situation a reality.

Backpressure: When an area of high water pressure wants to go to an area of lower water pressure.
Backsiphonage: If there is a sudden loss of pressure on the source side of the backflow assembly, a vacuum will be created sucking water backwards from the point of connection.
The internal components of a backflow assembly should be tested annually to ensure proper function.

Why Cities Require Backflow Testing

It is extremely important that backflow testing is done every year on all cross connection devices that can be tested. Catching and preventing a device malfunction will eliminate the possibility of contamination in the potable (drinking water) water supply.

Backflow situations that could have been prevented:

  • In 1981, a popular food restaurant in Norfolk, Virginia had a backflow situation which saw customers being served seawater.
  • Pesticide was discovered in the water supply of 63 homes in a Northern municipality of New Jersey after a water main break.
  • In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a serious backflow incident forced a County Housing Authority to spend $300,000 in plumbing infrastructure upgrades due to a insecticide pollutant.

Cities like Vancouver require annual backflow testing for irrigation systems. Water is a valuable resource in BC and Vancouver takes this seriously. This is why Vancouver along with a growing number of cities require that your backflow device is tested by a certified backflow tester.

Schedule Your Irrigation Backflow Testing

At Able, we have a team of certified backflow testers that are capable of not only testing, but also repairing and replacing backflow assemblies if necessary. We ensure that your irrigation is safe to use and that you are legally licensed by your city to irrigate. For more details, questions, or if you would like to schedule a backflow test service call 604-584-7676 or contact us.